Quick Tips

1. Free shipping check box

There are some frequently asked questions about why some of them never get free shipping, here you go ladies.

  • Please check the box free shipping box during your checkout. 

2. How to use coupon code.

  • You may enter your promo code during checkout or in the cart page.

3. How to redeem your club points.

  • You may redeem your club points at your shopping cart page and you could enter any amount you wish to redeem.

4. Easy sign up.

We found out certain customers easily forgotten their password when returning.

  • We suggest always sign up with one of your social media account and easier to log in for parcel tracking, points collection and details update.

Why we do not reduce the passwords strength for manually sign up user? 

  • Due to security reason we are not recommending for doing that.
  • Social media sign up is end to end encrypted, you are always safe to use.

5. Payment successful Whatsapp's notification.

You should always receive a Whatsapp’s notification after your payment is successful made.

  • Sometimes you might enter the wrong contact number by mistake and this could lead you by not receiving the message.
  • If you are not receiving this notification in your whatsapp within 1 hour please contact our customer service.

6. Ship to different address or buying a gift to surprise someone?

If you are planning to send to a different address, you can tick the ship to a different address box and enter the address you wish to deliver.

  • We suggest if you planning to send as a gift, always enter your own billing info instead of the recipient, otherwise whatsapp’s notification will goes to him/her.
  • You could leave a message on the card by entering your message in customer’s note.
  • Please carefully check the recipient’s contact number to avoid any delivery issues.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading. If you are reading my tips and tricks blog till here. You are one of the luckiest one ^_^.

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Happy Shopping !

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